Getting to Know Your Dallas Realtor

  • April 28, 2015

There are as many ways to choose a Realtor as there are homes for sale. Whichever reason you have for your choice of a Dallas Realtor, it’s vital that you spend some time getting to know your agent. It’s important that you and your agent have an understanding of communication styles in order to have an effective working relationship.

Seller’s Agent Communication Style

You hire an agent to sell your house. After you sign the listing contract a sign is placed in your yard. What happens next? When you have your initial meeting with your agent, discuss the home selling process and most importantly, discuss your preferred method of contact. Some agents prefer texting or emails because it’s easier to track conversations and details. A phone call can be quicker, though. Talk to your agent about how you prefer to be contacted and how often you can expect to hear from them. At a minimum you should have weekly contact from your agent.

Buyer’s Agent Communication Style

You and your agent have been touring homes for two months and you’ve finally decided to make an offer on the perfect house. Now what happens? Do you know how your agent will handle the presentation of the offer? What happens if the offer’s accepted? It’s important that you ask your agent about the next steps in the process. Placing an offer in the hands of a seller can be stressful. You need to talk with your agent about what’s happening. Many times an agent won’t call you if they have nothing to report. This is okay. If, however, you’re feeling anxious about where your offer stands, it’s okay to call your agent and ask if they’ve heard anything about the offer. Don’t be worried that you’re being a nuisance. It’s the agent’s job to work with you through the entire process.

Independent or Team Player

Most real estate agents work as “Independent Contractors”. Other agents are competing for the same business. Most prospecting methods are universal. So what happens if your agent gets a call for a showing and isn’t able to accommodate the buyer? What if you’re the buyer and your agent isn’t available to take you on a tour when you’re available? Will they ask another agent to cover for them? Find out. Talk to your agent about how this is handled. Find out if they work on a team with other agents.


The number of years an agent has been working in real estate isn’t necessarily a reflection of a successful sales career. One philosophy on using a newer agent is that they’re recently trained, up on current events, ready to work, energetic, and eager to make a sale. On the other hand, agents who’ve been in the business for 20 years or more aren’t all jaded and outdated. It’s not the number of years in the business that matters, it’s the level of energy and attention that the agent offers as part of their services. Ask your agent what they like about real estate. Ask questions that are indicative of success. “How many houses have you sold” and “How many years have you been doing this?” aren’t necessarily indicators of a good agent. Try “What do you like about selling real estate?”

Attitude & Likeability

Be sure you’re comfortable with your agent’s personality. Some agents are outgoing and talkative. Some are quiet and pensive. What do you think it will take to get your house sold? Are you comfortable with your agent’s selling style? It’s not important that you’re best friends with your agent. You’re in a working relationship. Make sure you’re comfortable with their work style and how you think they’ll manage your home sale or purchase.

Negotiation Skills

It’s an agent’s ethical responsibility to work in their client’s best interest. For buyers, it means they must keep your private information private and work toward securing the home for you at the lowest possible price with the best possible terms. A seller’s agent must get the highest possible sale price for the seller client without revealing the seller’s confidential information. You may love your agent, want to tip martinis with them, have backyard barbeques, but when it comes to working toward your home buying or selling goal, do you believe they have the skill and tenacity to negotiate on your behalf?

Most great relationships are successful because of effective communication. The home buying and selling processes can be extremely stressful. Working with an agent who communicates well is critical. Find out who they are and how they work. Get to know your agent and stay in touch with them through your home buying or selling process.


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